ORR Fire Protection are the largest fire protection contractor in Scotland. We are well known for our quality of service and high standard of work.

Our Services

Intumescent Coatings

The application of intumescent paint is one of our specialities. Our extensive knowledge of paint systems allow us to advise on the best products to use to suit the project and time of year when the work is to be carried out.

Fire Boarding and Fire Walls

ORR Fire Protection have extensive experience in boarded fire protection systems and fire wall partitions, having installed them in some of the largest shopping centres, retail parks, distilleries and bonded warehouses.

Fire Stopping and Fire Barriers

ORR Fire Protection are the leading fire stop installers with an extensive portfolio of jobs carried out in Scotland.

Compartmentation of buildings to prevent the passage of fire and smoke is one of the most important elements in saving lives in fire situations.

Acoustic and Air Sealing

ORR Fire Protection carry out acoustic and air sealing in conjunction with fire stopping works. We have a great record of being able to achieve target levels required for sound and air seal testing.

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